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Amazon Universal Bra Size Chart

Already know your bra size? Use the chart below to convert your current size. For example, if your size is US 34DDD, your European size is 34F, and a UK size 34E.

Universal Soft Bra Size Chart

Please reference your band size below to determine your correct Soft Bra size. Please note that if you wear a D cup or above that you may need to go up a size.

Find Bra Size

Unsure of your size? See instructions below and learn how to determine your band and cup size. Then use the size chart to find your bra size.

Step 1 – Band Measurement: Place the measuring tape around your back, underneath your underarms. Keep the measuring tape snug and horizontal around your back. This measurement is your band size. If the size is an odd number, round up (for example, round up a 31 to a 32).

Step 2 – Chest Measurement: Place the measuring tape around your back and over the fullest part of your bust. Leave the measuring tape looser on this measurement, and make sure the tape is completely horizontal around your back. Take this measurement and deduct your band measurement from Step 1. The difference calculates your cup size, every inch equals a cup. See the Universal Size Chart Below and find the difference in column 1. This is your cup size.

Step 3- Example: If your Chest Measurement is 36”, and your Band Measurement is 32”, then 36” – 32” = 4”.

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