Bradley Cooper’s Street Style: A Closer Look at Supermodel’s Boyfriends’ Fashion

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Bradley Cooper was spotted in New York City rocking a couple of trendy outfits, showing off his impeccable style. In one look, he sported a chic Checked Cashmere Overshirt from Gigi Hadid’s fashion label, Guest in Residence, paired with classic black trousers and Nike shoes for a laid-back yet sophisticated vibe.

On another occasion, Bradley opted for a Schott Vintage Bomber Jacket, also paired with black trousers and Nike shoes, exuding effortless coolness. Completing his looks with Dom Vetro Sunglasses, Bradley showcases his fashion prowess with a mix of casual and classic elements.

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Bradley Cooper’s Stylish Street Looks: A Glimpse into His Fashion Choices

Checked Cashmere Overshirt


Schott Vintage Bomber Jacket
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