Introducing Yoit’s Latest Features in Version 2.1.4 – Upgrade Your Fashion Exploration!

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” Get ready to experience enhanced features and smoother performance with the new Yoit v2.1.4. We have made exciting improvements just for you. “

Discover with Product Preview

Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between tabs and windows while you shop. With our Preview and Discover feature, brings the convenience of a side panel preview, transforming your shopping experience. Effortlessly discover products and streamline your browsing with instant access to product details and similar items right in the side panel. We have reimagined your shopping journey to be smoother.

Click & Search: Hybrid Image Search from Results

Discover the power of easy shopping with just a click! Our enhanced search feature now allows you to initiate a hybrid search directly from any product image. There’s no need to upload anything—simply click on an image, and our system will refine the search results to match your keyword perfectly. This breakthrough in search technology makes finding the fashion items you love absolutely effortless. Experience the convenience of streamlined shopping with our new feature today!

Save Collection & Starlists

We’re excited to introduce our ‘Save to Collection’ feature! Now, organizing your favorite finds into personalized collections is easier than ever. Create and showcase your curated selections to friends and family, making it a breeze for them to choose the perfect gift from your birthday wishlist! 
Plus, you can seamlessly integrate Starlists into your collection. Your saved Starlists, designed for keeping track of your favorite themed items with ease, help us better understand your preferences.

Effortless Search with Auto-Completion

Discover the ease of finding fashion essentials with Auto-Completion. Get instant suggestions for brands, categories, and Starlists as you type. Try it now for an optimized search experience!

Speed & Performance Upgrades

We’re thrilled to share that Yoit is now faster and more efficient than ever!
Lightning-Speed Similar Items Search: Finding related items is now effortless and incredibly fast. Our enhanced similar items search is 10x quicker, smoothly leading you from one great discovery to another. Just click on an item you love, and let us do the rest!
Overall Accelerated Experience: No matter how you search—by text, image, or our hybrid approach—you’ll notice a significantly faster response. We’ve doubled the speed across all search methods, minimizing your wait time and maximizing your discovery journey. Enjoy a swifter, smoother Yoit experience now!

 We Value Your Feedback at Yoit! 

Join our journey in shaping Yoit’s future. Your insights are crucial! Connect with us on Discord, follow us on Instagram, and become a tester for upcoming versions. Together, let’s create an even better Yoit!

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