Jennifer Lawrence’s Christmas Stroll: Effortless Elegance in The Row and Loewe on Dec 27, 2023

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Jennifer Lawrence embraced casual chic during her Christmas stroll in Beverly Hills, donning a sleek black leather jacket paired with The Row’s fashion-forward ensemble. She opted for the Row Boice Leather Blazer Jacket Celine Cropped Shirt in Union Ocean Wash Denim, complemented by Loewe Trousers in Wool. Adding a touch of comfort, she stepped into The Row Sleeper Suede Flats while carrying The Row Wander Calf Leather Top-Handle Bag. Completing her look, Lawrence sported stylish Loewe Loop Sunglasses.

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Loewe Trousers in Wool

The Row Wander Calf Leather Top-Handle Bag

The Row Sleeper Suede Flats

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