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Discover the Fashion Extravaganza in Michelle Keegan’s Closet: A Yoit Special on ‘Fool Me Once

(Image: Netflix)

(Image: Netflix)

As viewers are captivated by the gripping Harlen Coben thriller ‘Fool Me Once’ on Netflix, fashion enthusiasts can’t help but fall in love with Michelle Keegan’s impeccable wardrobe. The former Coronation Street and Our Girl star, aged 36, takes on the lead role of Maya Stern in the eight-part series. Maya’s life takes a dramatic turn when her recently murdered husband is unexpectedly spotted on a nanny-cam.

Throughout the series, Michelle Keegan’s character not only navigates through intense scenes but also showcases a stunning array of outfits, particularly her noteworthy collection of coats. Fashion aficionados are eager to emulate her style, and with Yoit, you can achieve the look without breaking the bank.

Michelle’s coat collection boasts renowned brands like Burberry, Dolce and Gabbana, and Toteme. However, Yoit has curated high street alternatives that capture the essence of her style, ensuring you look just as fabulous—no need for a Netflix costume budget. Just remember to steer clear of nanny-cams!

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