White Hot Celebrity Fashion at Michael Rubin’s 4th of July Party: Unveiling the Trendsetters

White Hot Celebrity Fashion at Michael Rubin's 4th of July Party

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Power Couple Style: Jay Z and Beyoncé’s Show-Stopping Looks at Michael Rubin’s White Party 4th of July Celebration

The Ultimate Status Symbol: Jay Z’s Yellow Gold Patek Philippe Vintage 2499, $7.68 Million, the Most Expensive Watch at Michael Rubin’s White Party.

Unveiling Watch Elegance: TikToker Takes Viewers on a Journey Through the Opulent Timepieces Displayed at Michael Rubin’s White Party, with Tom Brady’s $97,500 Watch Stealing the Spotlight

At the party, there were several celebrities flaunting their expensive watches. Legendary quarterback Tom Brady sported a Patek Philippe Nautilus priced at $97,500, while standup superstar Kevin Hart showcased a yellow gold Audemars Piquet Royal Oak watch valued at $118,450. NFL player Odell Beckham Jr. had multiple watches on display, including an RM 67 on a pink strap worth $235,000, and later a blue ceramic Audemars Piquet Royal Oak valued at over $581,000.

Other notable celebrities seen at the party with expensive watches included DJ Khaled with a watch worth $450,000, rapper Lil Baby with a $350,000 timepiece, and Travis Scott with an extravagant watch worth $850,000.

In addition, Alexander released a second video analyzing watches worn by Meek Mill ($625,550), Jack Harlow ($24,585), and even an unidentified chef who sported a watch valued at over $23,000.

The party commenced promptly at 5 pm and continued until 4 am. Armies of valets and security guards were stationed along the iconic Dune Road to escort guests from their luxury cars and guide them inside.

Throughout the event, guests enjoyed pizza from the popular Brooklyn hotspot Lucali and indulged in champagne and tequila priced at $700 per bottle.

Star-Studded Spectacle: Michael Rubin’s Epic 4th of July Bash in the Hamptons Brings Together A-List Celebrities – JLo, Ben Affleck, Tom Brady, Kendall Jenner, Justin Bieber, designated driver Jay-Z – and even James Corden!

Kendall Jenner Michael Rubin’s 4th of July Party July 3, 2023

Star-Studded TikTok Session: Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner Heat Up Lori Harvey’s Party with Their Stunning Looks

Lori Harvey


Crossover Celebration: French Soccer Star Kylian Mbappé Joins the Festivities at Michael Rubin’s Party in The Hamptons

A Family Affair: Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, and Stepdaughter Violet Attend Michael Rubin’s 4th of July Party in The Hamptons

Rubin’s girlfriend Camille Fishel

Fashion Perfection: Winnie Harlow Dazzles in a Clingy Bodysuit, Highlighting Her Spectacular Figure

Winnie Harlow & Dixie D’Amelio

DJ Chantel Jeffries

Former quarterback Tom Brady

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